EEP! Show

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, MA
August 1 - August 17
Thursdays – Saturdays 8PM
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Directed by A. Nora Long

Featuring: Shalaye Camillo, Molly Kimmerling, Sydney Barsky-Russo, Dawn M. Simmons, and Amanda Spinella

Design Team: Eric Propp (Costumes), Chris Larson (Sound), Veronica Barron (Musical Director), Mark Sickler (Lights), Hannah Husband (Movement), Vanessa White (Original Choreography), Shelley Barish (Set Design), and Zoe Wells (Stage Manager)

In EEP! Show, the only limits for a young girl are her own imagination. Her toys come to life to help her begin to explore who she is and what she might want to become. A fantasy of play, pop music, and America's most iconic woman, EEP! Show is NXR's latest original devised theatrical event.

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