Story Time Preservation Hour
Featuring The Paper Bag Princess

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, MA
February 10 – February 26
Adapted and Directed by A. Nora Long

Based on The Paper Bag Princess (1980)
copyright Robert Munsch, published by Annick Press.
Used with permission

With Michelle Finston (puppeteer), Hannah Husband (Princess Elizabeth), Joseph Marrella (The Wizard/Voice of The Dragon), Chuong Pham (The Wandering Minstrel), and Alejandro Simoes (Prince Ronald/The Librarian). Scenic Design: Mac Young, Costume Design: Cara Grace Pacifico, Lighting Design: Bailey Costa, Sound Design: Chuong Pham

Once upon a time Princess Elizabeth and Prince Ronald were on their way to happily ever after, when a terrible dragon burned down the kingdom and stole the Prince. Now the princess must attempt to defeat the beast and save her man. Sing a song or two with the Wandering Minstrel and keep the Princess company on her quest with this story for all ages.

Special guest: Elephant Tango Ensemble
Presenting Baby Zombie
A delightful multimedia puppet extravaganza about the zany adventures of an infant zombie. Featuring Brendan Burns, Valerie Thompson, Karin Webb, Lainey SchoolTree, and Natasha Sorokin

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