Zombie Double Feature

August 2-25, 2012
Thursdays & Fridays 8pm - Saturdays 7pm & 10m
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, MA
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Featuring: Hannah Husband, Lyndsay Allyn Cox, Bryan Daley, Terrance Haddad, Greer Rooney, Bob Mussett, Melissa DeJesus, and Omar Robinson.

Design Team: Eric Propp (Special Effects and Costume Designer), Emma Shimminger (Lighting Designer), Katiee Tredway (Props Designer), Joseph Marella (Choreographer), Deirdre Benson (Production Stage Manager and Sound Designer), Melissa Barker (Make-up Assistant), Vawnya Nichols (ASM), Hannah Husband (Fight Choreographer).

In Midnight at the Last Night Cabaret (written and directed by A. Nora Long) we find ourselves at a crossroads wondering if the imminent doom palpable in the city is reality or a joke. A group of performers gather at BPT to put on a vaudeville show as the world begins to collapse. Our awareness of time, cataclysmic scope, and absurdity are challenged as zombies and the living boggle their way through the performance laying waste to everything in their path. Only the audience can save us in this choose-your-own-adventure escapade through Boston’s last night as we know it.

Terror at BPT (written and directed by Dawn M. Simmons) takes place months after the undead infestation has unleashed a pox upon humanity. Survivors continue to gather at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre to wait out the ruin. Under the watchful eye of The Vicar the inhabitants of BPT make fun where they can in close quarters where societal rules no longer apply. After a day of bumping, grinding, and praising the lord, one couple shares a moment of intimacy with supernatural repercussions.

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