Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, MA
July 9-25, 2009
Composed by the Ensemble and Theo Goodell
Directed by A. Nora Long
Featuring: Melissa Barker, Nathaniel Gundy, Hannah Husband, Chuong Pham, Alejandro Simoes and Christina Watka
Scenic Design: Christina Watka
Costume Design: Elisabetta Polito
Lighting Design: Emma Schimminger
Sound Design: Rachael Kelsey

Photo by Meg Taintor

    Shh! – explores the role of censorship in a free society in all its 
    contradictory, offensive, cheeky and constitutionally questionable  
    glory. The NXR ensemble created the piece using Supreme Court 
    cases, banned books, current events, mythology, Sesame Street 
    and other sources of inspiration, borrowing techniques from various 
    theatrical masters, serving up a physical and emotional exploration 
    of all the things we can’t say or do.

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